How to transform audio to text easily

Transcriptions are very helpful in fields where there is a lot of talking that needs to be written down so that it can be published, copied and stored long-term. Areas that use transcribing methods are media and news companies, legal firms, and medical workers. One would think that the educational field belongs here too, but unfortunately, we haven’t exploited the benefits of transcriptions. However, academic transcriptions can be a great help to students and professors for various reasons.

My students regularly come to me and ask how they are supposed to manage all this work in college. They have group projects, exams, key assignments, a ton of research and still want to maintain a healthy and social life. It can be overwhelming to juggle all these things and organize when to learn and analyze on a daily basis. With these problems in mind, I’ve found using transcriptions quite helpful. For me, as a professor, transcribing is beneficent because I record my lectures and read through them afterward. That way I can upload a script of every lecture quickly for my students, and I can also comprehend what I could improve and where problems and questions arose.

What helps me, also helped a lot of my students when I introduced them to transcriptions. They can record lectures where they won’t have a script, transcribe it and use it to study for finals. If they have group projects or meetings, they can tape those too and keep a record of it. The most useful way of employing transcriptions are producing interviews for dissertations, essays, or other types of papers. It is a ton of work transcribing interviews yourself, so get some help from software programs or online services. All these options are low-cost and efficient in transcribing audio to text. I also like to use it to record myself while studying (yes, I sometimes still have to learn something, too). It helps me memorize things better because I listen to it repeatedly while reading the transcript.

Converting audio to text will help you comprehend information better because you’ll be able to use two ways of learning. As you might know, combining different methods of learning is the most successful to memorize important information. So, for example, it is better to read and listen to something, or read and speak out loud than just reading. It’s even better if you manage to get some exercise while studying. Anyway, we went a bit off topic. As I said, I can warmly recommend using audio to text transcription services for any task regarding college work.

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