More Fleshlight Extras

Discover all the Extras Flashlight offers to you

Fleshlight is an American brand that has been on the US market for many years, and it is still growing in popularity. This popularity extends far beyond the borders of the USA. Not least because the Fleshlight brand, with all its innovations, offers really great products for men, as well as for women or love toys for two. If you have never heard about Fleshlights but are curious, then you should definitely take a look at the flashlight website today. Because they really offer beautiful and naturally erotic sex toys for every gender and they will carry you to unimaginable heights. To familiarize you a bit with the product range of Fleshlight, we would like to introduce you to the products in detail. 

Solo play or with your partner – you decide

Then you may also be able to decide, what you wanna have and which sex toy is suitable for you in solo play or together with your partner. We list some real customer reviews, who have already ordered one or two or even more products and used them for a certain amount of time. Then you know for sure whether men and women are doing well using a Fleshlight and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the products. One thing, however, is common to all sex toys. No need to disappear in the corner or in the drawer, because they usually have an adorable design and are made of comfortable material, which feels very comfortable on the skin.

On the other hand – and this all sex toys have in common, whether for men or for women – all toys must be hygienically cleaned after use. Only then can you be sure that your gadget will last a long time and you will have a lot of fun with it. There are also special cleaners with which a thorough cleaning is recommended.

Sex toys with a designer´s mission

Fleshlight’s mission is to create beautiful and personalized sex toys with a little extra. And that’s very well done with the Fleshlights. The entrance to the lust shaft is nothing less than the faithful illustration of the vagina of famous porn stars. You can choose whether you prefer the silhouette of the vagina, the butt or the mouth. Sounds slinky, isn´t it? Choose your favorite one and pick it up right now. You can be sure that the silhouette matches your favorite porn star what makes it even more interesting. The first Fleshlights came already in 1998 on the market. Now, this is more than 20 years ago, and the brand and the sex toy would not have established so well if Fleshlights would not enjoy so much popularity – and even growing demand. The attractively designed toys look like flashlights from the outside. Inside, however, every single one is shaped differently. The inside is made of a material very similar to skin. For a very lifelike feeling when penetrating. 

Hard or tender, which is yours?

When choosing your Fleshlight, you can also decide whether you would prefer hard, tender, gentle, or powerful insides. Your preferences and your wishes are almost unlimited – due to Fleshlight. 

Of course, the Fleshlight models have evolved over the years and the models offered can no longer be compared with the models 20 years ago. Today, the material used is really super soft and absolutely skin like. You will hardly notice any difference. The classic Fleshlights from the very first start are Classic Lady, Mouth and Butt – and they are still sold like hotcakes. The name says it all. Even though there are a large number of different models today, the old classics continue to enjoy a high, if not also growing, popularity. In total, these sex toys have already been sold 12 million times. And this means that there a lot of satisfied customers out there. This large amount of customers is driving the company to introduce new and innovative products to the market. Also, there are always new collaborations with stars from the porn industry.

Choose your porn star

If you have your own personal star in the porno business, then you can inform yourself if it gives it as a perfect Fleshlight double. When you have found your personal Fleshlight, you can have it delivered to your home within in a few days – fast and discreet.

But how did the name Fleshlight come about? Well, the name can be easily derived from the shape of the masturbators. If you really have never seen anything like this, then for the first time you can really mistake it for a flashlight. But only for an instant. Because then you will notice the soft and super soft material inside, which does not even remind of a flashlight anymore. For the entrance of the Fleshlight masturbator, the man can choose from different inner sheaths. These can be vagina, anus or the mouth. And with the inner shell itself, one can decide between a skin-colored and a transparent insert. Depending on whether you want to know what happens inside the envelope exactly. The Fleshlights themselves differ in the entrance to the lust shaft and then afterward again in the structure inside. There are grooves, waves or roughness, which always produce new and different emotions. Therefore, no Fleshlight is like the other – both inside and out.

Start with the classic ones

If you are new to the field of masturbators and have no previous experience, then it is recommended to start with one of the classics. Decide between Fleshlight classic in the variants butt, classic lady or mouth. It will be the perfect start to a new, beautiful and joyful world for you. And once you’ve experienced the feeling a Fleshlight can offer you, you’ll want to know more about it.