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You’ve read about the girls who have provided their most beautiful body parts for Fleshlight, and you are eager to learn more about them? Then you are right here. Perfect time, the ideal place for getting to know the Girls. For in addition to the Fleshlight Classics such as Butt or Mouth, the Girls’ variants have been the best-selling masturbators for men for years.

Let’s find out a little more about the Girls who offer their vaginas and butts for you for personal pleasure.

Lena Paul – the natural beauty 

If you do not like these artificial girls with their breasts made, then you’ve come to the right place with Lena Paul. She is a symbol of natural and real beauty. And she still has a perfect size. Although at 1.62 she is slightly smaller than most other girls in the industry. But she can again score with her big breasts and her colorful personality. Lena is quite a smart head and knows what she wants from life. And with whom she would like it. In the shoots, she is always herself, following her natural inclinations and her personal preferences. Much to the joy of their partners on the film set. Since Lena Paul is a very petite little person, her breasts look even fuller than with big girls with the same 70DD bust.

Going to university and find a job

Before she was utterly devoted to the porn industry, Lena was at two universities. Not to study, but rather to be close to men. She was aiming for a particular man. If he would have listened better. Bad luck for him, perfect for you. After university, however, she initially followed a regular job. She worked for sustainable startups. Her good looks helped her a lot during that time. Especially when she had to bring investors and men from the government together for a good cause. It was a time when Lena saw much of the world and got to know many different people. But one day her company could no longer pay her content, and she got money worries. But it would not have been Lena if she had not quickly found a perfect solution. She just grabbed her webcam and started to record videos. That was not hidden from the world, and before she had the money together, Lena could already count on a considerable amount of online fans. Also, the professionals from the porn industry took a look at Lena and so Lena Paul is one of the industry’s most famous porn stars today. She did not have to hesitate and decided to earn her money with which she really enjoys.

The former Lena

It’s not quite as easy as people think, because Lena was not always like that in her life. Instead, she was shy and closed. And until she was 19 years old, she also had no experience with the other sex. Not to mention that she had had sex. The complexes in their youth and their early adult age lead back to their big breasts. Often she felt reduced to her bosom and did not know how to handle it well. This unsettled her and made her a little sad. But one day she got rid of these negative feelings and of her former boyfriend. 

Lena’s new life started when…

The breakup felt like a release for Lena. She started to live her life and lust. After that, she was open to all sexual practices and also gave a lot of things a try. Even things that you would not necessarily call a sexual standard. She cannot decide whether she prefers to live out the dominant or submissive part. She also enjoys being dominated during sex. But she can also be the dominant part of lovemaking. If you want to know a secret sexual preference, then let us tell you: Lena loves to be pulled by her beautiful and long hair. That offers her the kick she needs. But there is soft sex in her repertoire, too. Every day new. Every day different. Every day again and again. Several times.

She’s married.

But bad news, for all who might be interested in Lena. Lena is permanently assigned, and she is even already married to the man. Happy husband. But her husband promotes her career and supports her in every situation. Lena is very grateful to him because a partner who takes her liberty would fit into her life of feeling free.

Discover her butt

Lena was not always in the anal theme. This genre she discovered after a few years, more specifically in 2016. That was when she was acting with a colleague for a scene in front of the camera, which was planned as an anal scene. Lena jumped in at the deep end and immediately enjoyed it. To date, she has shot almost infinitely different anal scenes, diverse partners. Anal sex has definitely become Lena´s favorite over the years. When one day the request came from Fleshlight, whether she would stand for a Fleshlight Girl model Lena did not have to think for a second. She immediately agreed. For her, her personal Fleshlight is a thank you to her fans. Since she cannot personally take care of every fan, she has provided her Fleshlight. So everyone can play a piece of Lena.

The Fleshlight Girl by Lena is suitable for every penis. You do not have to think about whether it might suit you. What does Lena like about the Fleshlight masturbators? She thinks it’s a great device to boost stamina in sex. Because only if the man in lovemaking also holds out correctly, the woman has fun.

Lena’s advice

Use Lena’s Fleshlight to get in shape for your partner. Because it can be quite advantageous to put on certain stamina in the bed. Because we all want only one thing: a happy partner. Because flow multiplies when you share it.