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Have fun with Fleshlight masturbators

Now you already know somewhat about the world of male masturbators. Now we want to introduce the different Fleshlight variants individually. And if you know them all, I promise you that you want to try more than one.

The world of lust and the best Classics for years

So let’s start and immerse ourselves in the world of passion and male endurance. The first Fleshlights, which came on the market in 1998, were a little earthquake in the sex toy branch. The Fleshlights Classic still have the well-known form and in 1998 they already had the skin like inside. For the best feeling. The first Fleshlights were called Classic Lady, Mouth and Butt. And the name was already then program. The three Classics are still available today and are among the best-selling products. The Pink Classic Lady is a masturbator with a vagina attachment. The interior is smooth and gentle and is suitable for beginners as well as experienced Fleshlight users. The Pink Lady Butt has an anus as a penetration opening and inside has a smooth and soft structure, which gently fits around your penis. Let yourself be pampered and enjoy this unique feeling of tightness and warmth. It will carry you to new climaxes. And as the third Classic, there is the Pink Lady Mouth with a mouth opening. Likewise, this one again has a smooth and soft surface inside. If you use it regularly, it will also give you better performance when it comes to the points. If you try Fleshlight for the first time, it will be a stimulating experience. As you have never forgotten your sexual intercourse, your first experience with the Fleshlight will always remain in your memory. You will save it in your brain, and it will reveal to you previously unimagined feelings. 

Fleshlight Classic sine ever

Fleshlight Classics will help you to satisfy your passion. Each individual product in its own particular way. Each different, but always new and passionately. If you have ordered your own personal Fleshlight, then look forward to the day when the parcel service finally rings. Of course, the dispatch is discreet and inconspicuous. The messenger will not be able to interpret your smile, when you grinningly receive the parcel.

However, since that time the classic variants of the Fleshlight masturbators sold very well, the company worked at full speed to develop new products and bring them to the market. For even more happy men, women and couples out there in the world.

Now that you know the Classics. Let’s explore the world of Girls together. This does not mean the nice girl next door, with her shy but beautiful smile. At the fuel station. At the supermarket. 

The hottest girls around

No, that means the hottest Girls in the porn industry. They all burn to provide their vagina or butt for a Fleshlight. Fleshlight has them all. All the big names in the porn industry. Shaped in skinlike and very soft material. Real life. Incredible. Let yourself be surprised and take a closer look at the girls below. If you have several Flashlights, then you will find that there are entirely different. Because just as the masturbators differ at their entrances, so different they feel inside. Every Girl will give you a new feeling. Hard times, sometimes delicate. You decide how you want it.

The Fleshlight Girls collection is thus modeled after the real stars of the industry. And they really show everything. Stars like Riley Ried, Joanna Angel, Eva Lovia, Lisa Ann or Alexis Texas, they all agreed immediately when Fleshlight asked to make their most beautiful body parts. And better still, the girls are on fire for taking their very own individual Fleshlight to the brim. They are really faithful illustrations of vagina and anus of the best girls. See the differences and think which of the girls you want to get it on with. 

The material – the secret of success

The secret of the Fleshlights is not so much in the form, as much more in the material. It is super soft and feels very similar to the skin. That’s why it’s called Real Feel Super Skin Material. You will not get that feeling from any other masturbator because it was patented exclusively by Fleshlight. So if you want to feel it then choose your girl and give it a try. The material is so realistic that your head cinema intends to make a whole movie out of it. The makers of Fleshlight had this idea as well – but more on that later. One toy after another. I do not want to anticipate too much, but there are significant changes – a brand new world, with brand new experiences. And if you thought that things could not get better, then you were wrong. And it gets even better. You are even better. If you know what I mean. For the best performance ever in your life. To achieve a certain sense of authenticity, we ask you always to use your Fleshlights with lube. Then the shaft is nice and wet and slides in and out pleasantly. No matter how fast. No matter how hard. You are welcome to use a condom. If you care about hygiene. However, there are also special cleaners, which make your Fleshlight shine like new again.

Feel the vacuum

Due to the tight shaft and the use of lubricating gel, you create a vacuum when penetrating. This brings a pleasant pressure around your penis. The tightness alone will give you an enormous sexual stimulus. This is the nature correctly modeled by Fleshlight.

You can regulate the vacuums intensity by yourself. You can turn the screw cap on the back of your masturbators. This is even a little better than in nature. But it will prepare you excellently for your purpose. And who knows, maybe your partner and you will enjoy putting the Fleshlight into lovemaking. Let yourself be spoiled by your girlfriend. A Fleshlight is no reason to be jealous. Instead, you will feel more intimate and close by communicating your wishes and preferences.