Total Wellness Cleanse Review – Is Yuri Elkaim Scam?

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Total Wellness Cleanse is a food based cleansing program designed to rid the body of toxins while also improving general health and fitness. Designed by Yuri Elkaim, a holistic nutritionist, the program goes into detail about the foods you should and should not eat, and their effects in the body, how to note and observe changes in your body, changes in lifestyle and even handling emotional stress among other things.

An overview of Total Wellness Cleanse

This program was inspired by Yuri’s experiences as a young child without the ability to grow and sustain hair. After years of medication with only short term effects at best, Yuri decided to venture into holistic nutrition, which eventually became the long-term solution to his problem. Here, he realized that his condition, as well as general body slackness was a result of toxin buildup in the body.

To this end, the program goes a long way to show the amount of toxins and chemicals people unsuspectingly consume in everyday foods. It also makes a comprehensive recommendation of the foods that help detoxify the body while also adding vital nutrients.

For users’ convenience, the program comes both in written form and as audio seminars for people who prefer listening to reading.

Product details

Total Wellness Cleanse comes in two phases: the cleanse phase and the maintenance phase. The first phase, the cleanse phase, is designed to prepare your body for the changes in diet and lifestyle. To this end, it is regarded a gentle approach by most users. However, it is very sensitive and requires that the guidelines be followed to the letter to get the body’s systems in line for the next phase.

The maintenance phase on the other hand is meant to retain the positive effects of the first phase. Here, the benefits of the first phase are observable but need to be reinforced by adhering to the guidelines provided. It helps prevent users from reverting to their earlier unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle.

These two phases are further divided into three sections. These include:

  • The quick starter kit
  • This is the initial kit to ready you for the program. It is completely theoretical as it aims at informing you of what to expect from the program as well as educative materials and tips to maintain a healthy and fit body.

Some of the guidelines in this kit include:

  • Nutrients needed in the body.
  • How to handle the emotional strain that may arise from the project.
  • About the liver and how to maintain optimal health.
  • Observing your body.
  • Herbal teas that are beneficial to your body.
  • Progress charts to help analyze the progress made with the program .
  • These guidelines help users ready their minds and make any necessary preparations or changes.

The core package

This is the main part of the program. It contains records the scientific researches that have been conducted, the analysis made and the results. It compiles information on the foods that you should be eating, how to prepare them and even inspiration articles from successful users.
The content in this package includes:

  • A cleanse food guide to the ideal cleanse foods, their features, nutritional properties and how to get them.
  • Recipes on how to prepare these different cleanse foods. The recipes are 119 in total and most take an average of 10 minutes to prepare.
  • Shopping list and guides on how to get the mentioned foods locally. This helps give you the distinction between healthy organic foods and unhealthy processed foods.
  • Daily food journals that help motivate users by presenting real life success stories by other users and general ideas about fitness and health through nutrition.
  • All this content is also made available as an audio recording for users who prefer listening to reading. The audio seminars comprehensively present the whole Total Wellness Cleanse program in audio form.

They are 13 in total and they include:

  • Getting started
  • Colon health
  • Weight loss
  • Organs of detoxification
  • Analysis of fats and oils
  • How to develop and maintain healthy bones
  • Analysis about sugar
  • The thyroid-adrenal connection
  • Understanding food labels
  • Food and environmental allergies
  • How to overcome emotional eating
  • Success psychology and the inner game

Final thoughts

Advantages of Total Wellness Cleanse

While there are numerous other programs designed to achieve optimal body health and fitness, Total Wellness Cleanse comes with several distinct advantages that include:

  • Permanent results – Yuri addresses the core underlying issues in most people and provides natural ways to address them. This, combined with the structure of the program and the measures taken in the maintenance phase help achieve long term results.
  • Clear structure – the program is backed by scientific research and analysis. To this end, it comes with a specific structure calculated to ensure that foods complement each other perfectly and that the effects of the measures taken are clearly felt in the body.
  • Easy recipes – most of the recipes provided in the program are easy and fast to prepare. Others that require more time and effort to prepare are also very clear to follow.
  • Bonuses – members also get free daily emails to complement the program as well as a dedicated Facebook page to help clients interact.
  • 60 day money back guarantee – this is aimed at assuring doubtful clients to undertake the program confidently knowing that their investment is safe and can be refunded when need be.


Albeit the program is very compact and professionally presented, it also comes with a few flaws such as:

  • While the program is certainly not expensive, the price may deter prospective clients away. However, it is important to be assured that you get value for your money.
  • The starter kit of the program may seem very gentle to most users, many of whom eventually regard it as ineffective.
  • However, as explained earlier, this phase is designed to ready the body for the main phase and hence patience is necessary.


Total Wellness Cleanse has been shown to be effective for most users in the past as shown in the Daily Food Journals and other testimonials. Furthermore, the research and analysis have provided clear guidelines on the best measures to take, and the sequence in which to apply them.

Furthermore, in addition to achieving a healthy and fit body, users also get to learn about ideal living styles and habits, healthy foods and toxic foods to avoid as well as a wealth of cooking recipes for lifelong benefits.


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