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A breakup can lead to all sorts of heart-wrenching moments. The best way to get through a breakup for many people is to move on. However, this is not always the best option available after a breakup. The prospect of getting back together is always an option, nevertheless, many couples shy away from this option. This is normally attributed to a number of psychological and emotional factors such as fear, anger and many more. Relationship guides make it easy for couples to find their way back to each other. The Magic of Making Up is probably the most sought after relationship guide on the web.

Magic Of Making Up Details

This guide is available on the web as a downloadable eBook. Contained within the guide is an in-depth analysis of when and how to get back together after a breakup. The eBook is divided in to eight chapters each covering a different topic. The first chapter covers the reasons that led to the breakup. This chapter helps readers to have a better understanding of the reasons that led to their breakup. This chapter is crucial as it helps a reader get a better perspective of their situation. The chapter will also help a reader evaluate whether their relationship is over or not.

Titled “don’t panic” the second chapter tackles the effects of panicking after a breakup. Many people tend to panic and become extremely nervous after a breakup. The second chapter of the book helps in relieving some of the pressure and stress that follow a breakup. This chapter stresses on the need for rational thinking as it is only when the mind is void of stress that a person can make rational decisions. This is important in coursing the way forward after the breakup.

The third chapter helps a reader establish their stand on the breakup. Albeit getting back together after a breakup is always a welcome idea, it may not be the best idea. The demise of some relationships may be a blessing in disguise for either parties or one of the parties involved. This chapter helps readers to be realistic in their evaluation of the breakup and the feasibility of a re-union. The fourth chapter of Magic of Making Up outlines in detail the best comeback plan. This chapter is rich in strategies and ideas that readers can use in their quest to reuniting with their partners.

The fifth chapter of Magic Of Making Up talks about the art of seeking assistance. Recovering from a breakup can be tough and difficult and seeking assistance from friends is important. This chapter acknowledges that no human being can stand alone in such a difficult moment. It therefore proposes several methods of seeking help from friends. The sixth chapter of the guide helps a reader to ease back in to the relationship. The chapter gives examples of things to do to ease back in to normalcy. Things may feel aw awkward for some time, and the purpose of the sixth chapter is to help readers deal with the awkward feeling that follows.

Past mistakes and arguments may comeback to haunt a couple after getting back together. There are several ways of dealing with such challenges, some of which are contained in the seventh chapter of Magic of Making Up. A couple may choose to move on with the relationship and use past mistakes and arguments as lessons. The last chapter of the eBook deals with how to deal with the outcome. As mentioned earlier, not all relationships are meant to be mended and some are best left dead. In such situations it is important for parties involved to know how to move on with their lives.



The Magic Of Making Up has received criticism and praise in equal measure. The guide is written in an easy to read, conversational style. The author T.W. Jackson is no academic and thus the language used in the book is simple to read. This is one of the reasons why this guide has becomes a must have for many internet users. It is important to note that this guide is not magical, despite its name. The guide will only work if the parties involved are both willing to give their relationship a second chance.

The eBook comes with a money back guarantee. This means that if a buyer is not satisfied with the results, they can return the book and get a refund. This goes to show how confident the author is about the guide. This guarantee comes with zero questions asked and has no hidden requirements. The only condition for buyers seeking a refund is that they must have purchased the book from the official Magic of Making Up website. The eBook has been hailed by many as the best relationship guide available on the internet. The fact that the book is an eBook is a benefit to buyers. The book can be downloaded in to most devices including laptops and tablets. This is a convenient and easy way of reading the eBook.


Despite its benefits to buyers, the guide’s critics have accused the author of giving unconventional advice in the book. The author has also admitted that the strategies and ideas outlined in the eBook are somewhat unconventional. Some of its critics have attacked the eBook on the basis of it being unethical. This means that the book can be used by persons who only want to manipulate the situation for their own selfish interests.


The question of whether the guide works or not is subject to debate. However, the guide offers some great ideas on how to mend a broken relationship. Despite the author not being an academic, the guide does not lack in expertise. The guide is both insightful and well written; however, whether or not it will work depends on the person reading it and their partners. The guide helps its readers know whether their partners still have feelings or not. In conclusion, this is one of the best relationship guides available. Moreover, it offers ideas that are not found in conventional relationship guides. The guide is itself unique and different.


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