The Half Day Diet Review – Scam Or Legit?

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On 03/09/2015
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Would you attempt it, if there clearly was a diet that might allow you to to lose weight without losing carbs from your diet plan? Of course you would!

The Half Day Diet by Nate Miyaki promises that you could fool your body into believing it is on a low-carb diet though you’re still eating carbs. Additionally, this diet plan is designed to assist you lose all the weight you desire.

However, is that actually possible? Let us have a look at how this diet works in this review of The Half Day Diet.


This is a diet which includes carbs, however only during certain times of the day. The idea is that during specific times of the day in case you need to shed weight, your body has to prevent carbs, but at other times of the day, carbs are completely excellent to eat.

Many folks understand that it does not matter when you eat your calories as you burn off more calories than you take in. But most folks do not understand that it actually does. The body goes through many hormonal and metabolic changes during the day, and there are certain times the metabolism of carbs is significantly more efficient.

How Can The Half Day Diet Helps You?

There are there are only three distinct Columns to this diet:

Half Day Column 1 : Macro Optimization– You’ll need to strategically tweak your “macronutrients” to your aim. You’ve 3 macros you have to optimize – protein, fats and carbs. You will just select which macronutrient template exactly matches your requirements and you’re set. You may be strategically eating precisely the correct foods at the right times in the correct numbers for greatest fat burning.

Half Day Principal 2 : Customization- Half Day protocol makes it simple to tweak the principles to suit your likes, your lifestyle, your job, you as well as your dislikes. The Half Day utilizing customization principles is similar to having their personal nutrition coach, minus the hefty consulting fees.

Half Day Principal 3 : Development– Your nutrition needs will change when you begin seeing the weight fall away. The exact same template ISN’T GOING TO work for you eternally. As you slim down your biochemistry changes. Dreams and your aims transform. Your preferences evolve. And also you require a nutrition strategy that can grow with you. Even should you don’t ever wish to do a lick of exercise, you’ll just follow a “Sedentary” template to begin and permit the System to evolve as you do.


This system makes it possible to set up a diet which includes carbs, but boosts fat burn and gets you by the hand. There are there are only three principals of the plan:

Learn the thing you should do with protein, your fats, and carbs as a way to lose excess weight. This will definitely be based on your own demands, and all you need to do is follow the rules when you’re expected to, and eat the correct foods in the correct numbers. This can help you burn off the most quantity of fat potential, in addition to remove cravings and keep you on course with your own weight loss.

What works for one individual does not work for another, so the Half Day Diet takes that into consideration. You can simply tweak the dietary plan to meet your life.

Your biochemistry changes should your diet, as you shed weight. This portion of the diet strategy will allow you to make changes where you have to.

At the time of the review, there are a few bonuses comprised:

  • The very first bonus is centered on fast food and eateries. It’ll assist you to choose what to purchase from the menu to keep your diet plan on track. This allows you to go out with family as well as buddies without concern and the worry that generally comes along with it when dieting.
  • The 2nd plus is centered on happy hour. You must find out the way to appreciate drinking without messing up your diet in case you like going out with friends during the weekend. This incentive is going to educate you on what to eat prior to going out, when to drink, and much more.
  • Finally, you get 30 days access to the Level Abdomen Platinum Nightclub. It is a spot to really go and get articles, insight, suggestions, support, recipes, plus much more. In addition, you get to make use of a guide which helps make the diet considerably easier. The writer of the dietary plan, Nate, will be there sometimes to answer questions.

Advantages Of The Half Day Diet

  • It is a step by step, pattern that will help you lose more pounds of body fat in brief days.
  • Learn how to carbs that are handling is a powerful weight-loss strategy since it restrains a hormone called insulin.
  • You may be strategically eating precisely the appropriate foods at the right times in the correct quantities for greatest fat burning.
  • Whether you’re a lady or a guy, you’ll optimize your fat-burning hormones.
  • You’ll lose more weight and reduce more inches from your waistline than other people that are eating the same number of calories and carbs!
  • It’s unquestionably an all around powerful and quality system for weight loss without all of the physical exertion.


  • Such as what you eat at particular times of the day you need to make some tweaks to your present diet
  • Although recorded as a positive, some may not enjoy the guide is a PDF (although you are able to read it on computer, notebook, telephone, tablet PC, etc.)
  • No hard copy available for purchase

Is This Really Worth It?

Yes, this really is absolutely worth looking into further. Since this diet works with you on a biological level, but additionally on a unique individual level, this ought to be the final diet in the event that you follow it you will need.

This does not mean that it’ll be a superb diet that is simple, because change demands a little bit of distress. You’re going to need to transform how much of them you eat and when you eat certain foods. When you begin slimming down, yet, that distress will go away. Shortly, eating this manner will eventually be a lifestyle that keeps you healthy as well as on course to your weight targets.


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