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A twelve week program which is both a life program as well as a nutritional diet plan forms the primary structure of the Beta Switch. It is a detailed plan which is basically meant for controlling the fat saving receptors in your body and making the fat burning receptors more active instead. It is a quick performance program made for attaining the goal of weight control and loses fat easily. This “quick start” plan primarily helps in activating the fat-burning function as soon as possible which is why the program is named “Beta Switch”.

With the help of this program, you get a completely new definition of cheat day and you get attracted to make it a part of your diet plan. As per the information provided by Heintze, inclusion of a cheat day in one’s diet plan and following it properly not only saves one from facing a weight increase, but also improves the functioning of the thyroid hormone in the body.

All these factors play a significant role in controlling the body metabolic rate and also the amount of weight which can be lost by a person. For many people, these strategies are simply enough to reduce weight and attain a perfect shape. However, for many others, Heintze offers various other things in the Beta Switch which also adds to the nutritional value of the program.

About the Beta Switch

It is a program which motivates you to lose weight and attain a perfect shape which you always deserve for your body. The motivation plays a pivotal role as the result obtained depends a lot on the mindset of the person.

It is basically a workout program spread in a span of 12 weeks which trains you to attain the best results for the workout efforts made by you. It not only helps you in knowing the most effective exercises for your body, but also teaches you the ways helpful in fastening the fat burning function of your body.

The Beta Switch also offers a 3-month free subscription to help you in tightening your muscles. It is of immense use for those who set their objectives according to the plan. It provides numerous ideas for preparing nutritional recipes and a healthy living. The best part is the availability of Sue Heintze, the maker herself, who is always there to resolve your queries on the site.

It also gives you a wonderful option of getting the complete report on uplifting your body image. Making a positive view about one’s body type is a significant part of the program which automatically helps in slimming down fast. Mainly females become the victims of personal comments on their body shapes from various social networking sites. So, the main aim of this program is to help you love your body and refrain you from thinking negative or being critical about it.

Not only this, it also gives a wonderful way to reduce up to one size of your jeans within a span of just 9 days. This program is specifically for those who crave for quick weight loss. It is different from the 12 week program as it helps you to slim down and fit in your old jeans within only 9 days without changing your lifestyle.


Functioning of the Product

This program proves various traditionally accepted dieting concepts wrong and even shows how such old concepts can lead to increase in one’s weight rather than reducing it. Heintze believes that traditional ways may cause accumulation of fat in the body even when you eat less and do more workouts.

The main purpose of the Beta Switch is to help in burning fat from the areas which are tough to slim down like belly and the thighs. The Beta Watch doesn’t follow any strict diet program but changes one’s body on a cellular level. It aims to raise the metabolic rate of the body making the burning of extra calories faster and thus completely transforming one’s physical appearance.

Like every other dietary program, there are advantages as well as disadvantages attached with The Beta Switch. Here is a brief description of the advantages and disadvantages of the program:


No Severe Dieting Required: This program doesn’t follow any strict dieting plan. So, it saves you from suffering from hunger or leaving the food items which you always crave to eat. So, you can lose your weight without losing your favorites.

Keeps Away from Negativity: It gives you an opportunity to discover some wonderful ways to keep yourself always positive and work without any kind of negativity towards the weight management program.

Saves Time and Energy: For this, you don’t need to spend those extra hours in the gym which saves your time as well as energy.

In-depth Directions Available: For helping you in understanding the exercises in a detailed manner and follow them without any hurdles, an in-depth direction is available for each exercise.

Enhances Energy Level and Confidence: It certainly helps in enhancing one’s energy levels while refueling the confidence about one’s body.

Affordable: Money matters in everything however, this program is available at a low cost and can be afforded by all who wish to attain a perfect body shape.

Clinically Proven: The best part of this program which makes it a completely trustworthy technique is its clinically proven factor.


Low cost for only a Limited Span: The cost at which the program is available now is only for a limited span of time which is basically an introductory offer. So, the price of this program won’t be the same later who want to purchase it after a few months.

Not recommended for people looking for crash diet program: As it’s mainly a life alteration program, it’s a disadvantage that the Beta Switch can’t be used by those who wish for a crash diet program.


The most encouraging fact to opt for The Beta Switch is its use of life modification techniques which not only raises one’s view about his body, but also uplifts one’s confidence while removing negativity from one’s mind. It is a methodically and clinically proven program which aims to transform the person physically as well as mentally. It is a worth opting for program in which you are promised to get a refund in case you don’t find it useful.


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