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Shapeshifter Yoga is simply a complete yoga program by Kristine Fondran that consists of training videos, advice on how to master yoga skills, and yoga training videos. This particular program was initially made in the year 2011 and since then, it has widely become popular especially amongst working mothers. As the name entails, shapeshifter Yoga is all about changing your body shape. Unlike the traditional yoga courses that focus on spirituality, this program is all about changing the body shape. This doesn’t mean that there are no spiritual or even the mental benefits from the shapeshifter yoga routines, but they are not the heart of this program.

Shapeshifter Yoga Details

Shapeshifter Yoga is basically a customized Yoga program. It is modified in a sense that it’s your typical yoga program that contains a more focused fat-burning as well as body-shaping component that is grounded on scientific testing and also measurements. This way, fat burning and calories consumption using this program becomes a precise and an effective endeavor.

Shapeshifter Yoga is normally separated into two main routines, shapeshifter Yoga and also shapeshifter flow. You will begin with the major shapeshifter yoga routine for the first 4-6 weeks so as to develop your posture as well as flexibility in the preparation for the more advanced shapeshifter flow poses.

After you are through with the 4-6 weeks of the basic poses, you may then proceed to performing shapeshifter flow poses. You carry out shapeshifter flow on top of the major shapeshifter yoga in order to shape your regular routine. Nevertheless, if this happens to be tight, then you can simply perform shapeshifter flow poses for this particular session.

How does Shapeshifter Yoga help you to lose weight?

Many people are still stuck when it comes to calorie in and out approach. Weight loss is much more complicated than just counting calories in and out. In fact, there are a number of factors at play such as hormone levels that regulate fat burning as well as appetite. Shapeshifter yoga program is created around 3 main concepts that are guaranteed to aid weight loss and also helps you to achieve your best body shape. This program works in the following ways:

Body shaping

Yoga poses are extremely effective at toning one’s muscles. Your metabolism rate is always directly linked to the amount of body mass that you have. The more mass an individual have, the more calories are needed to sustain the body. Muscles weigh more than fat and therefore you tend to burn more calories by simply toning your muscles. Shapeshifter yoga does not only help you to burn more calories but also helps you get a shapelier body.

Balancing hormones

Hormonal imbalance is one of the major culprits behind the obesity plague. One of the hormones that is most responsible for the weight gain is known as cortisol. High levels of cortisol causes binge food consumption and weigh gain. It’s also linked to a number of other problems such as trouble sleeping, blood sugar abnormalities, and poor immunity. Studies have shown that the breathing exercises in shapeshifter yoga can help to lower cortisol levels.

Yoga program gets your whole body moving

Yoga routines in shapeshifter yoga are normally designed to stretch and also activate each and every part of your body. With the daily flow video, the poses are combined in a way that you can activate every body part in just about ten minutes. You will actually get results once you get your body moving.


  • Easy to follow – This particular program usually comes with videos and also pictorial diagrams to aid you understand the poses. Also, Yoga program may be followed at your own pace as well as schedule.
  • It’s meant for all fitness levels – Yoga exercises are quite easy enough such that every person can do them. Physically-fit individuals will as well benefit from this program simply because it activates the whole body and also improves flexibility. As you advance, you may take the poses to higher levels and definitely you will experience more benefits.
  • Scientific approach – The yoga traditional spiritual approach is fine but just in case weight loss is the main goal, then for sure you will appreciate shapeshifter yoga’s approach. Its routines are normally based on the scientific studies and therefore you get maximum results within a very short period of time.
  • Remarkable results in just one hour per week – This program is extremely flexible and can comfortably suit any schedule. With its longer video, you may choose to do it all or even just certain parts.
  • Many benefits – Shapeshifter yoga was initially designed for the weight loss but there are a number of benefits to this program as well. You tend to have better sleep, better control of the appetite, improves sex life, feel less stressed, and many more.
  • Money-back guarantee – In case you do not like this program, you have got 60 days to be refunded back your money.


Designed for women – Shapeshifter yoga can actually benefit men as well. The routines in yoga can also help men to lose weight just like women. Nevertheless, this program is directed at females and males may not find some of its information useful.

No diet component – In case you would like to shed some weight quickly and look your best, you must eat a healthy diet. This program doesn’t get into any type of diet at all. It only mentions how exercises can help you to control your appetite and also prevent binge eating.

Not a spiritual yoga program – This program is a weight loss program but not a spiritual program. In case you wish to work on your psyche and not the body shape, you better choose a different program.


If at all you are interested to achieve a lean, tones as well as healthy body, then shapeshifter yoga is the program that will aid get you there. It’s based on science and is backed by a 60 day guarantee. Anyone can perform it and get the best results.


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