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The Paleo Recipe Book by Sebastian Noel is considered by many as the most important book among the Paleo books in the weight loss industry. We suppose you have heard something about the Paleo Recipe Book before as well. Since diabetes, obesity, cancer and other health issues have strong connection with our diets, the Paleo Recipe Book has been written to help you avoid these health problems. In essence, the Paleo diet is an incredible resource to live a healthy life, but additional scientific research is needed.

By using a Paleo diet, you will be eating a diet rich in proteins and fibers which promises to make you lose weight without cutting too much calories. You will be eating veggies, fruits, fish and some healthy fats as well as lean meat. In addition, you may eat seeds, nuts, eggs, and some healthier oils. But you will not be allowed to eat salt, potatoes, refined sugar, dairy and refined oils that come from veggies. In addition, you can cheat the Paleo diet a little bit at least at first, since you will be allowed to eat anything for 3 meals during the week. Say goodbye to any kind of processed food as well.

Paleo Recipe Book Review

This is a great book you have to read as soon as possible, especially if you plan to lose weight over time. One reason for reading the book is the fact that you will get recipes from a professional cook rather than just searching for them on the Internet. If you do the latter, you will stumble upon recipes that might not be so healthy for you. The diets that are part of the book are comprised mostly of beef as well as veggies. As a result, you may increase your energy and lose tons of weight over time. Sebastien Noel, a fitness fan, has created this amazing book. He experienced some health issues due to his diet, so he decided to bring about some research on the health topic in order to find a solution. The result: the Paleo Recipe Book by Sebastien Noel has been born. You will be preparing yummy, healthy meals by following the recipes included in this book, so you will have fun as well as health benefits along the way. You will get around 370 recipes that will help you meet your daily needs. In addition, these recipes are very simple to make while keeping nutritious foods included in the meals.

This book teaches everything in a very interesting and comprehensive way, which is not seen in most diet books out there. The book is sold for $27 including 4 bonuses, which is a steal considering the huge value that you are going to take out of this Paleo diet book. Some people might find the ebook somewhat overwhelming, but they should get a mobile device in order to get the most out of it. Since this ebook is more than a cookbook, it is brilliant. In fact, this how-to guide will allow you to prepare some awesome and healthy recipes right away. In addition, you will want to bookmark some recipes and the book even comes with some great pictures. You will learn about the food network your body really needs to be healthy. If you want to go green and simple, this is the book you have to read. In addition, people who care about the environment will get many benefits from this book.

Moreover, you will be eating organic produce all the time, which is an awesome way to keep you healthy and lose weight at the same time. In addition, you will learn why a particular food is good for your health. These are some of the categories found in this book: thanksgiving recipe, dessert recipe, bread recipe, and delicious steak recipe. You will be free from consuming preservatives, sweeteners and toxic fertilizers as well, since a Paleo diet is just a healthier way of living. The Paleo Diet Book does not encourage the consumption of grain-fed meat, since this kind of meal is considered as harmful to both you and animals. In addition, you should stay away from too-fatty meat and from processed ones. Fish is a meat that you will eat a lot in this type of diet, since fish has tons of Omega oils. These types of fats are great to lubricate joints and muscles in your body. In addition, your muscles will be stimulated thanks to the consumption of fibers and proteins that are part of this type of meals.


  • PDF format ebook.
  • 372 tasty, easy-to-cook recipes.
  • 18 categories.
  • No dairy, no sugar, no legumes, and no grains.
  • 108 recipes that are marked as friendly for your autoimmune system.
  • You will get the right information on each recipe all the time.
  • Eight-week meal plan. These meal plans will allow you to get your meals on autopilot and let the
  • system work for you right away.
  • Tons of bonuses.
  • Great price.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. They will give you a refund with no questions asked.
  • Multiple formats. You can read the content by using your PC, Android device, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Kindle.
  • 15 Paleo desserts. You will get the sweet you have been looking for.
  • You will be able to prepare meals in zero time.
  • Exclusive cheat sheets. These cheat sheets will make your life simpler by allowing you to prepare coconut milks, Paleo thickeners and flours, among other things.
  • Spices and herbs. The book comes with information on spices and herbs to make your food interesting and tasty.


  • The benefits of the Paleo diet are not thoroughly proved by science.
  • You will not lose weight too quickly.
  • You will not be able to eat some foods that you might love.


The Paleo Recipe Book by Sebastian Noel will give you the health benefits you have been looking for. In addition, you will be able to shed some pounds from time to time. Since this type of diet is rich in fiber and proteins, you will get tons of benefits for your muscles and immune system as well.

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