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Ex Back Experts is a program developed by Dean Cortez that is meant to help men and women who have been through a breakup to get their ex-partner back. The program comes in two versions: one for women and one for men. Just as the program promises, those who follow its advice will be able to receive forgiveness from their former partner, make up with him/her and have a relationship with the person just like before, or even better. The ex will forget everyone else and come to you.

Ex Back Experts Details

The creator of the product is a dating guru who have taught men how to get the girls that they want in their lives. He even used these methods himself and had great results. Dean Cortez was already an expert in attracting women when he teamed up with Samantha Sanderson and found out how to re-attract them. Each of them had their own problems with former partners and they came to the conclusion that developing a program will help a lot of people to get their ex-partners back.

According to the many reviews that you can find online about the product and the feedback received from users, Ex Back Experts is a great product. In order to bring your ex back, the program teaches you to follow three main steps: making your former partner forgive the negative image of you, helping the person to feel connected to you again and using a technique that will create attraction again between you and your ex.

The program can make you understand all the aspects of a breakup, how to get over it and how to become a happy person again. It is very important to be a happy person, because you will have to look happy for making your ex forget any bad memories of you. You need to manage your emotions and look confident when you talk again to your ex-partner. From the program, you will learn how to text your ex in the proper way and how to talk to her/him in person and on the phone.

Even if the entire course comes in written form, you will also get an audio version of the text as a bonus package when you buy the product. You will also receive what is called the “Re-Attraction Roadmap” that presents every step Dean took to regain the love of his ex. The roadmap also exist in the main course, but it is good to review it for a better understanding.

Another bonus that you get when you acquire the product is “Cheating Secrets Exposed”. This is an interview that Dean had with a private investigator who speaks about his cases regarding infidelity. The bonus is meant to help you understand how your ex would behave in case you two get back together after following Dean’s program.


There are many advantages of using Ex Back Experts. A good example is that Dean not only teaches you how to get your partner back, but also how to keep him/her for the long term (preferably forever). Many people who may follow a course like this one may forget to make efforts to keep their regained lovers. The good news is Dean also provides advice regarding relationship management.

Dean’s program offers something that many other similar programs don’t: answers to specific questions that users may want to ask. The reason for which these answers are needed is that each case is different. An example of such a situation is the one in which the ex has a new partner or is dating other people. Perhaps Dean has made a lot of research to know all the possible scenarios, because there are many answers provided.

Another advantage of the course is its easy learning curve. There are programs that require users to follow dozens of steps in a specific order, without error. Otherwise, they may not succeed. This program is not like that at all. Ex Back Experts is made in such a way that even a child would be able to understand the steps and follow them. This means that the course is extremely easy to use. You only need to follow three main steps to succeed.

The course covers all the aspects of a breakup and can help you manage your emotions, no matter if you will be able to get the ex back or not. There is a 60 day money back guarantee for the product. You can get your money back if you realize that the product is not for you. You also get two great bonuses when you make the purchase.


There are no real disadvantages for this program. But there are some minor aspects that some people may dislike. For example, the presentation video for the course is not made using Dean’s face or the one of an actor. Instead, the presentation is made like a cartoon. Some people may not like this because they surely want to see the author talking about the things in the course, or at least an actor.

Many people who want to buy this program may think that they can get their ex in the next day, or even faster. The truth is Dean’s course is meant for long term. If you are one of those persons who have no patience in following the steps and don’t persevere when they want to accomplish a goal, maybe the course is not for you.


It is true that there are cases in which it may seem impossible to get an ex-partner back. But, programs like Ex Back Experts can change the odds dramatically. What seems impossible can become a real possibility if people follow the advice in the guide properly. If you are one of those individuals who lost their hope of ever getting their former partner back in their life, you should definitely try the program developed by Dean Cortez. Even if you don’t succeed (there are rare cases in which, no matter what you do, the ex is not coming back), the course can change your perspective over relationships.


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