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On 11/08/2015
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The general well-being a dog depends significantly on the kind of food he eats frequently. Sadly, a lot of people are carried by the television advertisements that were captivating, and consequently, they unintentionally wind up purchasing dog foods that were processed with dangerous preservatives and poor nutrients.

Dog Food Secrets is an ebook that seeks to educate owners of dogs about the risks of giving commercial dog food programs to their precious canines. Additionally, it provides tips and guidelines on how to keep track of dogs nutrients and boost their wellness. It is a product of many years of research an animal specialist, by Andrew Lewis, following the departure of his pet dog,Aristocrat in the age of four. The Dog Food Secrets has received numerous favorable reviews since its first start, partially due to the shocking revelations on the damaging effects of processed pet foods. Here is an indepth review of the program.

Dog Food Secrets Details

Dog Food Secrets is split into distinct chapters featuring lots of educational and insightful recommendations on how dog owners may give their pets a healthier and longer life. The program discusses the very best nine food brands that are urged for dogs, alongside the ones that are bad for them. In addition, it unveils everything in making pet foods that producers of commercial dog foods really do. The revelations regarding the commercial food industry are an eye opener to a lot of pet owners to empower them find the dangerous and low-nutrition products they’ve been feeding on their pets. Below is a summary of what’s contained in a number of the chapters:

  • Home Made vs. Processed Food: This chapter talks about the reasons home made foods supplies the elements which are recommended for dogs, and are better for dogs.
  • The Daily Dietary of Dogs: This chapter talks about the nutrients that dogs require often, along with the right parts for the six important food sources (e.g carbs, proteins etc.) that dogs want. Additionally, it covers the greatest balanced diet dog calorie condition, and variables that the nutritional amount of dogs negatively affects.
  • Added Dog Health Thought: In this chapter, Lewis talks about various health considerations, including routine exercise, grooming, home first aid kit and routine health regime. In addition, it lists the recommended tests and vaccinations that all dogs should go through.
  • Delightful Dog Cuisine: Here, the writer supplies various home made recipes for dogs that dogs love, that range from complete meals, to treats that could be baked, frozen or microwaved. Additionally, Lewis also provides people who have specific dietary needs due to specific health states, and recipes that are formulated especially for puppies, older dogs.



There are lots of advantages of utilizing this Dog Food Secrets. It supplies safer, healthier and more economical home made choices to commercial dog foods which contain preservatives and dangerous substances. Wholesome meals helps to boost the energy, alertness and total health of dogs. When dogs are healthy, they drop in less frequently, thereby reducing other care costs and veterinary bills.

Next, fans of home made recipes will concur that it’s sometimes difficult to find people who’ve several dogs of different strains recipes of home made. Like that’s not sufficient, on-line recipes never have been examined, and for that reason, it is difficult to know for sure whether they’re balanced and complete. Pet owners are saved by dog Food Secrets from the bother of needing to perform their own research, thanks to the extra recipe book included in the package. It’s full of nutritional and informative tips that only a few folks know of. After reading it, users get a lot more knowledge on various facets of dog food, which places them in a better place to supply their pets with optimum care.

Another benefit is the reality that Dog Food Secrets supplies as temporary replacements for home made treats, safer commercial dog food brands that individuals can buy. This is crucial, particularly for active individuals who might not find sufficient time to ready the home made recipes that are recommended.

Dog Food Secrets is also a product of eight years of research by Lewis, making it simple to trust the advice it gives. Additionally it is super easy to read and comprehend, therefore it could be utilized by anyone who adores dogs.

Ultimately, it has a 60-day money-back guarantee, which gives assurance to buyers understanding that they’ll get their full money back whenever they don’t find it useful within 60 days of use.


Similar to every other man made program, this also has its fare share of constraints. First, some individuals may find the expose on the risks of feeding processed commercial food to dogs frightening. For example, the writer mentions that sodium pentobarbital included in some specific food products that are commercial has the capacity of causing serious health issues in the skin, gall bladder, gut and kidney of dogs. He further says that organ failure, many allergic reactions and long-term diarrhea in dogs are linked to processed foods. This really isn’t actually a disadvantage, but instead a shocking disclosure to pet lovers.

Additionally, active individuals might not find sufficient time to prepare those home made recipes which are time consuming. Fortunately, the writer supplies nine safe commercial foods which users can change to briefly when they’re exceedingly busy to cook.

Lastly, the program is just available as an immediate download; no physical copies.


A happy and healthy dog makes the owner happy also. It’s thus the duty of every dog owner to take care of his pet in the best approach to make sure maximum well-being. That includes understanding the harmful ones which should be prevented, along with the proper foods recommended for dogs. Dog Food Secrets is a resourceful ebook that all dog owners are going to find useful. It gives advice on all facets of dog care – be it calorie consumption, exercise, health regime, grooming, or first aid.

Composed from several years of wide-ranging research, Dog Food Secrets is filled with a number of insightful ideas to help all dog owners provide optimum care for their pets. With a 60-day money-back guarantee, this product cans attempt, understanding if he’s not fulfilled that he’ll get his cash back. It’s absolutely worth purchasing.


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