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Jake Carney

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On 09/08/2015
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Scientific research conducted into the benefits of coconut oil show that it has a broad range of health, beauty and fitness benefits. However, there has always been a lot of controversy about the benefits of coconut oil, with some scientists suggesting that it may be unhealthy.

The Coconut Oil Secret, a book detailing the benefits of coconut oil, goes all the way to dispute these claims by offering scientific and real life evidence of the benefits and uses of coconut oil. The author, Jake Carney, explores its medicinal and health benefits while also revealing a host of other uses few people knew of. Even more amazing than the facts stated in the book is its affordable price – it goes for $10 only.

Here is a comprehensive review of the ideal coconut oil guide.

Coconut Oil Secret Details

The Coconut Oil Secret goes into detail about the nutritional and medicinal properties of coconut oil and their benefits on various aspects of the human body. To this end, it compiles a comprehensive and surprising list of its uses, some of which may seem unlikely. Nonetheless, Jake Carney goes that extra step to offer real-life examples of some of these uses.

This book offers a comprehensive insight into the benefits of coconut oil for a wide range of health, beauty and fitness uses including:

For weight loss
One of the factors that led scientist to regard coconut oil as unhealthy was the fact that it contained both “good” and “bad” cholesterol. However, this fact has been widely disputed as research conducted in later days showed that communities who had a diet centered around coconuts reported very few if any cases of obesity and over-weight.

The Coconut Oil Secret goes into details about this and offers a guide into how coconut oil helps burn fat and calories. It also supports its claims by showcasing a research in which several overweight women were shown to lose significant weight by just consuming one ounce of coconut oil a day.

For beautiful and healthy skin
Coconut oil is just as beneficial when used externally as when ingested. This book explores the properties of coconut oil which contribute to beautiful and healthy skin and goes on to list some such as its cleansing and sun-screening properties, among others.

It further goes deeper also to suggest the ideal oils to use with coconut oil for great benefits as well as how to go about using it on the skin. It also suggests ways to take care of the little ones by eliminating rushes caused by diapers using this oil.

For diseases
This book gives a lot of priority to the numerous health benefits of coconut oil and particularly focuses on its effects on chronic diseases.

To start with, it reveals how coconut oil can help reduce the growth and effects of Alzheimer’s disease, and eventually suppress it, by facilitating the production of ketones. It also offers brain scans and documentation from the FDA supporting this, and for your convenience, inspiring stories of how coconut oil has achieved this in the past.

It also offers a unique insight into how to fight cancer. First, it provides a comprehensive account of how cancer cells in the body can actually be starved to death while nourishing the body cells with a wide range of nutrients. It also supports this by suggesting the ideal foods to add to your diet as well as those to do away with.

Finally, the book presents Coconut oil as the ideal substitute for heart disease drugs, which have been found to pose just as much threat as the disease itself. It details the threat in statins (drugs used to treat heart disease) while also showing just how coconut oil balances HDL and LDL. It also lists some light diseases that may contribute to, or worsen heart disease and offers ways of avoiding them.

Overall body fitness
Research conducted over the years has linked the build-up of toxins in the body to general body weakness and even overweight. To this effect, most people concerned about their toxin levels have adopted radical juicing diets in a bid to lower them.

Jake offers an easier alternative by illustrating how coconut oil helps cleanse the body. He also guides you on how to do it by outlining strategies on what to do before and after a detox program, what to observe during the program and how to ensure you do not starve in the process.

The Coconut Oil Secret also explores another common problem with similar effects – thyroid failure. Here, the book outlines the factors that contribute to this condition and symptoms to look out for – most people suffering from thyroid failure do not realize it until it is advanced. It also shows how coconut oil can help reverse the negative health effects on your thyroid while also boosting it over time.


The Coconut Oil Secret book offers numerous benefits to readers, including:

  • Surety – it complements its claims with recorded researches and real-life scenarios to ensure readers develop surety in such unbelievable details.
  • Diversity – this book goes beyond the commonly known benefits of coconut oil also to list numerous new uses. Most of these are not only engaging but easily applicable with guaranteed results.
  • Structure – it does not take a scientist to understand the concepts in the book. Jake provides and structured and neat outlay of the content and dwells into each separately, linking and providing references where necessary. This consequently makes the book easy and even fun to read and understand.
  • Available and affordable – this book is easily available at just $10. This is in spite of the wealth of proven knowledge within.


Just like everything else, Jake’s The Coconut Oil Secret comes with several shortcomings such as:

  • Theoretical – albeit the claims are well supported, most people nowadays prefer visual evidence through videos.
  • Inconclusive – the book does not mention some ongoing researches into other benefits and possible shortcomings of coconut oil.


The Coconut Oil Secret is undoubtedly a fountain of invaluable knowledge for the health-savvy reader. In addition, it offers a wide range of ways to apply its teachings for real-life health benefits at little cost and effort. This, coupled with its incredibly affordable price makes it a must-read for those seeking to harness the benefits of coconut oil.


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