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Survive the End Days  


During the past few decades, several prophecies regarding the doomsday have troubled the religious minded people. The religious fanatics, who believed in the Second Coming of Jesus contributed to the spread of these prophecies that predicted different dates of the new millennium as the apparent deadline of a doomsday. As a result, many people lost their faith in the future and squandered their lifetime savings. In bizarre incidents, some religious cults attempted mass suicide to escape the pain from their troubled mind. The latest prediction in the series talks about the Second Coming in January 2017.

Supporting the latest prophecy, Nathan Shepard has written a book to point out the similarities between the Bible and recent events in the world. These similarities indicate the Second Coming of Jesus. However, the book named Survive the End Days is focused on self-preservation and survival techniques during the most bizarre circumstances. Whether you believe in God or follow a pagan faith, the book offers more than a conspiracy theory. The survival techniques make it useful for even non-believers.

Survive the End Days Details

Nathan Shepard studied the Bible for more than thirty years. As a believer in the Second Coming of Jesus, he interpreted and analyzed the indications to establish the most accurate date of the doomsday. Survive the End Days has created a controversy as Shepard presented a number of Biblical discussions and their similarities to the current events to claim that we are very close to the deadline. In fact, he has pointed the turmoil in Syria, the role of Obama’s leadership in the Middle East, no reference of the United States in the Bible and several other events to establish his theory. The connections between the current events and indications from the bible as described in “Survive the End Days” are so strong that they can force even non-believers to reconsider their stand.

Although criticized as horrifying, the book has not been written to intimidate the religious minded people. It tries to remind the Christian teachings and help the believers to survive during the worst situations like war and doomsday. Survive the End Days reflects a Christian viewpoint about doomsday, but refrains from extreme stances like proving your faith or sacrificing your life in the hope of being resurrected. From the survival point of view, it adopts a very scientific approach and explains how you can remain safe by preventing spoilage, protecting supplies, saving your electronic devices from EMP and escaping toxic gas attacks.


  • Although, the e-book is based on theology and predictions regarding the end of the world, it adopts a more scientific approach to survival. Nathan Shepard takes a very practical viewpoint that you may face the worst kind of situations during real wars or natural calamities. Survive the End Days talks about the implications of the worst-case scenarios like food and medicine shortages, failure of electronic or communication devices and law and order situations when no one is there to support or protect you. The End of Days may not be a real threat from a logical perspective, but the worst-case scenarios in light of natural calamities, armed rebellion or a full-fledged war are more real than you can imagine.
  • The program imparts survival knowledge in a simple and straightforward manner. You can actually benefit from these survival techniques when trapped in a bad scenario.
  • The survival techniques are based on really challenging situations. Shepard has written this survival guide from a common man’s perspective, but the valuable insights can help you survive during the most unusual circumstances. For example, you will really appreciate the knowledge base that has been provided to let you survive during a gas attack. It hardly matters whether the world is really destined to witness its end in 2017, as long as you are prepared to face the challenge and know the right knowledge to survive.
  • The survival of human race extends beyond the religious limitations. The survival techniques are equally applicable to Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and the followers of other religious or ethnic groups. The strength of ‘Survive the End Days’ lies in its emphasis on self-preservation, and the desire to survive makes no distinction between a believer and non-believer. In fact, the program is more useful for people having a pagan faith because they see no gratification in terms of an afterlife. The need to survive is the most common desire and irrespective of your belief in the Second Coming, you will appreciate this e-book for its survival techniques.
  • Nathan Shepard has studied the Bible and researched its verses for more than 30 years. His explanations are really enticing, particularly when they explain the current events and indicate the Second Coming of Jesus.
  • As a religious person, you will learn how to reshape your destiny, but if you don’t believe in God, you can still benefit in terms of self-preservations and broader perspective in matters related to the Bible.


  • Survive the End Days is based on a theological prediction that the end of the world is coming. The question marks regarding the validity of the prediction also affect the credibility of this program.
  • Although, the e-book adopts a scientific approach while dealing with survival issues during the worst-case scenarios, it loses the rationality by talking about the end of the world in 2017.
  • The book tries to create a sensation by linking the global events to the bible and pointing their similarities while describing the end of days. In fact, Nathan Shepard has tried to sell this product by terrifying the religious minded people.
  • Survive the End Days favors extremist ideologies and people who don’t believe in such theories will require lots of patience and a broad perspective to read this e-book.


Survive the End Days has been criticized for promoting a conspiracy theory regarding the doomsday, but greatly appreciated for its survival teachings. Considering the book with a positive mindset, Nathan Shepard talks about doomsday to highlight the background where you may require the survival techniques which has been described in the book. So, rather than considering the book as a crude joke, it can be used more constructively to learn some life-saving skills that have been widely acknowledged, regardless of its Biblical interpretations. As far as the prophecy and religious interpretations are concerned, only wise and knowledgeable clergymen can explain things in a more prudent manner, but we have no reservations to say that the book offers remarkable insights as a survival guide.


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