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The Her Yoga Secrets program was designed by a renowned and certified personal trainer and yoga instructor called Zoe Bray-Cotton.



Many girls want to reach to lose weight and gain a healthy and attractive physique. Her Yoga Secrets is an awesome e book which was made to demonstrate how women can use yoga methods to aid them to slim down, tone their muscles and reduce anxiety. Yoga is an ancient system of exercise that concentrates on strength, flexibility and proper respiration to be able to accentuate a man’s mental as well as physical well being.

The Her Yoga Secrets plan was designed by a well-known and accredited fitness expert and yoga teacher called Zoe Bray-Cotton. It focuses on helping girls to attain weight reduction in a natural, healthful manner. In contrast to a lot of diets or weight loss programs, potions, no powders or capsules are used. After detecting the common errors made by girls when doing yoga, the plan was made by Zoe. One blunder is registering for courses that are generic at the studio or health club. Doing this is incorrect since it will not take into account one’s exceptional physical state. Training collectively with folks of different expertise as well as abilities is a guaranteed means of raising the dangers of getting harms. Another error is considering that joining a yoga course will automatically reduce tension and allow you to relax. Zoe points out that some ordinary yoga courses may instead raise cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. A third error is doing exactly the same yoga workouts repeatedly without contemplating the unique abilities and rates of fitness of one.

In the Her Yoga Secrets plan, Zoe supporters for the usage of a process called dynamic sequencing, which concentrates on following the appropriate sequence and doing the correct poses for the appropriate duration. This can help you to grow a better physique that is female and it will likewise help stop burnout. Zoe clarifies the sole means yoga can create consistent and reasonable outcomes is doing yoga poses which are designed specially for you. She stresses that adaptation should be joined with progression as you do your work outs.


So that better results can be realized by a person from the plan, it divide into 3 stages. The stages are presented in a succession of videos that teach the best way to efficiently do the poses to be able to get the best gains of yoga, and also the appropriate sequences. These stages are included in a follow- 12 weeks along educational video which will cover. Here is how the periods are covered:

1st period – Foundational Flow
This can help you to set up a basis in yoga techniques. Here, yoga is introduced, and you’re shown the fundamental poses of yoga. Zoe demo the way to start the method of muscle toning and weight loss.

2nd period – Transitional Flow
This stage concentrates on the specific sequences that target the muscles that are right. This also causes your body to release hormones that alleviate pressure.

3rd period – Command Flow
This period aims at actualizing everything learned in the first and second periods. The info in this period will help you to improve your metabolism and tone your muscles quicker.

A terrific attribute of the Her Yoga Secrets is you could also download the audio form of the assorted periods. It’s possible for you to place the sound on music apparatus for example iPod and iPhone. This gives you the opportunity to work out freely everywhere you wish. The plan was designed in this style that it should be followed by one in a specific arrangement. The course continues to build upon itself, as one advances through the video modules. This singularity of the class makes your body an efficient fat-burning machine. Burning off fat and apart from weight reduction, the plan also helps you tone your muscles so you could realize that sexy hourglass body. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced in yoga, you have to follow along with modules and the periods within their order of presentation.

The Her Yoga Secrets plan also contains two bonus videos. The Tranquility Flow videos are exercises which enable you to take a mental rest or de stress. So you could construct a positive flow, they relax your body and permit the discharge of negative energy. The Tools and Advice video teaches you techniques of maximizing each workout by performing them at the ideal times utilizing the correct resources which are accessible to you personally.

Personalized guidance specially intended for girls is given by the Her Yoga Secrets plan. Beginners at yoga and additionally those people who are experienced are readily adapted in the plan. As you advance through the three stages the sequences transform. Essentially, the plan grows with you.


You can practice at home or anyplace, anytime
Where no one will judge you, you can practice at home in solitude. Additionally the workouts may be performed anytime you want. This is in contrast to standard health club yoga courses,which may be nerve-racking in order to participate, in the event that you have to drive there.

You chart your own path
You are going to grow as you keep on practicing since the three stages build on each other. The sequences are challenging, but you’ll use the already-learned moves to create more demanding sequences. The poses you do aren’t persistent, unlike in other courses.

The focus is on results
Dynamic sequencing helps to optimize the results. It concentrates on assisting you form and to get a better muscle tone. Because it was intended for girls, pose and each sequence was attentively contemplated.

60-day Money-Back Guarantee
If you’re dissatisfied with all the results, the Her Yoga Secrets plan has a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means your investment is promised.

It saves you money in the very long run
Once you pay the affordable one time fee, you possess it forever. You really do not have to pay health club prices. Using fundamental yoga gear, you can do everything at home.


Obligation is demanded
You have to be devoted to the plan in order to recognize great results.

May not be very helpful for advanced yoga
In case you’ve are a beginner, the plan is useful. More advanced yogi(yoga professionals) may believe that they’re not benefiting fully from the plan.

No hard copy,internet connection is needed
The plan can just be purchased online. There aren’t any hard copy versions. In addition, you need an internet connection to get it.


All things considered, Her Yoga Secrets plan offers fantastic value for money. Zoe is a great educator with vast expertise,and her delivery of the class materials is exceptional. The plan is ideal for girls who wish to lose weight and reach a well-toned body. This original program targets ensuring that users get a better physique. Merely checking out the body of Zoe is sufficient evidence of the effectiveness of the plan. The originator also supplies a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means your investment is safe in case you’re not filled.


The Her Yoga Secrets program was designed by a renowned and certified personal trainer and yoga instructor called Zoe Bray-Cotton.
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