Adonis Golden Ratio Review – Scam Or Legit?

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John Barban and Kyle Leon

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Adonis Golden Ratio


Adonis Golden Ratio is one of the few fitness programs that promise ultimate results in terms of physical beauty and fitness level. The program has been designed by John Barban, who holds more than 10 years experience in the field of fitness training and nutrition. Unlike other fitness programs, Adonis Golden Ratio offers to reshape your physique in an aesthetically correlated ratio of shoulders and waist.

What is Adonis Golden Ratio About?

Adonis Golden Ratio relies on human psychology to sustain the spirit and motivation level of its users throughout the course. In fact, John Barban attempts a complete brain wash of the readers in the first few chapters of his e-book. John explains that internal beauty counts only when you have a positive impression on people. Whether you consider human interactions from female to male, male to male or female to female perspective, the first look can form a lasting impression that is hard to change. This is the reason why physique or glamorous personality is very important for influencing others. A perfectly shaped fabulous body can more easily influence people at the subconscious level by creating a visual impression that is instantly perceived.

John Barban motivates people by promising the fame and glory of ultimate physical beauty just like the mythological Greek god Adonis and David of Michelangelo, who represented perfection in athleticism, strength, and physical beauty. John claims that your physique is not perfect unless you truly represent the beauty and desire as the mythological Greek god Adonis did. The Adonis Golden Ratio system promises a physique that even gods will envy. The yardstick of fitness and beauty is absolutely incredible and equally marvelous techniques have been used to help you achieve your goal.

How Does Adonis Golden Ratio Work?

Adonis Golden Ratio offers a customized fitness approach by measuring your waist and shoulders. You are supposed to provide a measure of your waist and shoulders as described in the program. Everything has been explained in a very simple and straightforward manner so that you don’t face any problem in getting an accurate measurement. Once you input these measurements along with other details like height, age and current weight, the software designs a customized fitness program as per your fitness goal. You can choose to shed excess weight, build muscle mass or get a program that allows you to build leaner and well-defined muscle mass.

According to your fitness goal, you will get a customized blue print of your workout and nutrition plan with recommendations regarding calorie management to achieve the fitness objective. You just have to follow the recommendations. For example, if you want to lose excess fat, you may be required to follow customized circuit training up to four weeks. The intensity and the structure of workouts may differ as per your personal data, but generally you are supposed to perform three sets with a rest phase of one minute. In case, you want to build muscle mass, the workouts allow more recovery phases between the straight sets of your resistance training. Circuit training is no longer the preferred workout to achieve your fitness goals.

The program allows you to access online resources, particularly video illustrations that help users perform workouts as expected. The workout manual and nutrition guide are available as two separate PDF documents that can be downloaded using any mobile device. However, the online resources like training manuals, software application and illustration videos can be accessed only when you have already purchased Adonis Golden Ratio.

The access to online community forum is the most appreciated features of this program. When you interact with the community having shared values and aspirations, you get invaluable advantages in terms of high spirits and motivation. We all know that negative thoughts are more likely to haunt people when they work alone. On the other hand, you are likely to stay on the course of your fitness goal when encouraged by your friends and family.

The author explains why most of the dietary supplements that are recommended for fat-loss do nothing except wasting your time and resources. However, he recognized that a few of them can make the difference in your fitness goals. The exceptional dietary supplements have been described in the Supplementation guide, but he makes it clear that food supplements are not necessary to achieve your fitness goals. In most of the cases, you are advised to avoid supplements because you don’t need them.

Adonis Golden Ratio program

The Benefits

  • Adonis Golden Ratio is one of the most credible programs that are known for their tested and proven methods. You will find thousands of testimonials demonstrating how this program helped the users in completely transforming their look and personality.
  • The program reinforces your fitness goals by clearing pinpointing your objectives and recommending steps you should take to achieve the fitness goals.
  • Adonis Golden Ratio provides access to an online community forum where users can share their experiences and benefit from a more inclusive approach to health and fitness.
  • You build leaner and defined muscles by using the most advanced technologies in health and fitness industry.
  • You can improve your fitness level irrespective of your body type. It hardly matters whether you are muscular or overweight, as long as you are willing to follow the recommended workout plan to achieve your clearly outlined objectives.

Extra Bonuses

When you buy Adonis Golden Ratio, you get the following bundled program as a gift:

  • Abs and Arms Assault guide: the guide contains extremely useful workout routines that have been specifically designed to impart a super sexy look to your arms. Although, the shape and size of your waist and shoulders can be very instrumental in improving your attractiveness, the look of your arms is no less important.
  • Access to lifetime upgrades: when you purchase Adonis Golden Ratio, you become eligible to a lifetime upgrade. In health and fitness industry, the technologies evolve at a quite fast pace, and these upgrades ensure your access to the most cutting-edge techniques that define a new avatar of the Adonis Golden Ratio system.
  • 7 Days Out: the third bonus gives you access to a quick fat-loss program that guides you to lose 15 pounds within a week. This crash course has been designed by a very reputed fitness expert Kyle Leon. Although, some people describe his tricks and techniques as impractical and overwhelming, Kyle strongly claims that they are very effective.


Adonis Golden Ratio is unique in terms of its approach to fitness level and physical beauty. Whether you want to burn fat, build muscle mass or build lean and well defined muscles, the program designs a blueprint of your action plan by considering the current aesthetic values of your body and variables of fitness parameters like age, height, and weight.

Other unique features of Adonis Golden Ratio include online resources, access to the community, and lifetime upgrade. By comparing the Mythological Greek God of Beauty and Desire, the program sets exceptionally high standards of beauty and fitness level. Obviously, it embarks on equally remarkable techniques to help you in achieving your fitness goals. So, if you want to get a fabulous body capable of instantly attracting people near you, you should try this program.


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